Hollywoods vision of double surveillance

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At first glance, a rather strange combination - a specialist in gangster cinema Martin Scorsese as the director of the remake? As the world sees the Child The connection may surprise many cinema fans. Undoubtedly, making a movie even better than the already excellent Asian original "Infernal Affairs: Infernal Game" was not an easy task. However, one should not be too prejudiced, because the master knew perfectly well what he was doing.

At the heart of all the confusion is the attempt to outsmart each other by the mafia and police, known from many American productions. Do not deprive the possibility of the next meeting In this title, it involves the infiltration of both units through young and ambitious students of the police school. The first of the rats is Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), who in his youth was taken under his wings by the head of the Boston Mafia - a character known as Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson).

The boy thanks to his aspirations easily finds a position in the police and becomes the plug of his mentor. The second of the film moles is Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), whose childhood, among others, due to the breakup of his parents' marriage was not the easiest one. Despite the difficult beginnings, he easily graduates from police school with the intention of becoming "someone important" in the police world. A movie that smells of love However, this is not written to him and due to the criminal history in the family, and as a result of easy access to Costell, he is offered the job of a Boston criminal network infiltrator to capture the boss. This is how the deadly interlacing begins and attempts to guess who the mole is, because both sides quickly understand that they are under surveillance.

The film is a great, suspenseful detective story - much better than the original, which is quite surprising, knowing most of the Hollywood remakes. Martin Scorsese, however, did something wonderful and made the dark Asian, sometimes stretched film made a pearl. Thanks to interesting photos, well-chosen music and setting, "Infiltration" has an interesting and suspenseful atmosphere. The icing on the cake are quick dialogues and cut ripostes. Of course, you can not deny the actors who gave the whole production a definite taste, mainly deserves the attention of Jack Nicholson, who perfectly embodies the intelligent paranoid madmen. The creations of Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Leonard DiCaprio also leave little to be desired. Therefore, more than one Oscar is awarded with formalities. The undoubted downside, however, is the ending, you should treat them with a grain of salt and forgive unnecessary drama and "Americanity", unfortunately we should probably get used to it. However, this does not spoil the entire masterpiece, because such a definition can certainly not be refused this production.