Learners in the University Village which borders Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province are usually currently facing prostitutes in various types

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Many prostitutes furthermore disguise themselves as schoolgirls sitting in the bus stops, in the intersections of the particular National University area to solicit.

Prostitutes work every night time around the passageway area 621
Learners in the College Village, which borders Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province, are currently facing prostitutes in various kinds.

Hot spot 621

The fork 621 - the place bordering Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district (Ho Chi Minh City) and Dong Hoa keep, Di An city (Binh Duong province), the main gateway to the dormitory of the National College of Ho Chihuahua Minh City, wherever hundreds and hundreds of students are remaining in boarding plus boarding rooms, are not at peacefulness because of typically the rampant prostitution.

With regard to many years, this place has existed a new "market" which only operates at night time, which some people call the "love market". Each night, in dusk, when the street light provides not yet flipped on, 5 or even 7 girls "dig" for flashy powdered, revealing clothes, or mingle with college students at the bus stop to welcome guests.

gai goi quan 9 had just ceased in the intersection 621, when I got away the bus and carried my bookbag and walked fewer than 20m, any time four girls "dug" drove their bikes to surround myself.

A woman inside a white shirt, about twenty years old, approached enabling out there a sweet term: "Honey, day an individual for fun". I actually asked: "What have you been playing? ". "Then go to of which hotel, very happy". "But you are a student nevertheless in school".? How about students? Here, learners often go together with us ". "But I don't have much money"...

T. N. L (first-year student from Ho Chi Minh Town University of Interpersonal Sciences and Humanities) said:? Once, We waited to get a friend at the area 621, a lady in revealing clothing came to greet the woman,? are you going out there? Not happy without taking money?. I used to be so scared therefore i rode my bicycle straight to the particular dorm. But this specific girl also do not let go, continued to run after her secret words: "Do not hesitate, many students are students like an individual, they often day us. You go, I discount the first time to have acquainted ".

Also to approach college students, many prostitutes furthermore disguise themselves because gentle, discreet ladies sitting at the particular bus stops, at the intersections of the National University area to get.

T. - 2nd year student (Ho Chi Minh Metropolis University of Technology), said while To. was waiting for the bus near the gate associated with Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, there was clearly the young girl dressed up neatly and quietly. like a very good girl pretending to be waiting for someone. A few moments later, this girl approached T., all of a sudden offered: "Take a ride, fast plus happy, the guesthouse is also close up, I get the friendship price for".

Living by learners

National Highway 1A, the section through Ho Chi Minh City University associated with Agriculture and Forestry to University of Economics - Legislation (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) is fewer than 300m but there are concerning 5, 6 "cool" barber shops such as: XH, KA, BT, UT, KT.. These shops always possess from 3 in order to 5 girls who will be not dressed up and down, glistening lipstick, eye looks. Here barbering will be just a kind of camouflage, even some shops only show customary barbering gear, but the major thing is massage providers from the to Z ..

We have observed of which inside these barbershops, they normally are separated by simply a dark green curtain. Inside there are numerous shut down rooms waiting for friends to "rain clouds". After surveying the particular area, I made the decision to go to the X. L.

Seeing me simply arrived, a youthful girl over 20 years old ran to the brink: "Come in here, we will function you from A in order to Z". I pretended not to know, asked again: "What is A to be able to Z? ". "Stop joking, you are usually so cute in addition to cute! ".

Whenever I asked for a haircut, this girl said, "My haircut is unwell these days therefore i don't work. inches Seeing that I was about to change away, she lamented,? If you arrive in here in addition to don't cut your hair, you should do something. I possess not really had any customers in the morning hours of the shop to be able to open the products, beloved! ". "Then get rid of your face plus wax your ear for me. inch

Just wagging her ears, she constantly introduced: "There are usually many attractive services here, bro. " I asked: "What service is so attractive? ". She bluntly: "Make love". "But you usually are a student who makes no money".? What do you say, we live here on college students. Many students usually are our guts. Due to the fact the students are adopted by way of a moms and dads, we rely on them?.

Not enough in order to deter

Facing the problem of prostitutes harassing at the College Village, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Haifisch - Chief of Public Security inside Dong Hoa Keep, Di An Area (Binh Duong Province) said:

? Two hot spots about prostitution within the College Community area have been around for a long time. We also ambushed and arrested many cases, nevertheless because only typically the administrative penalty has been stopped, it has been not enough in order to deter.

In the particular near future, you will strengthen our makes as well because work closely along with neighboring localities to be able to check regularly in order to thoroughly handle this evils, ensuring a great learning environment for students?.